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Residential Architecture


Ubicación: Montemorelos, Nuevo León


Año: 2022


Área: 125 metros cuadrados


Casa Azahares is a project that studies the northeastern countryside and dignifies its most emblematic scenes: the open door, the mesquite that crackles in the night fire, the walnut tree that can be seen in the distance. The shadow provided by the sheets and the solid wall. This house is home to the workers of Madre Tierra, men and women dedicated to the land and the cultivation of lemons, oranges and avocados.

The field routine has the virtue of reminding us of the strength that lies in simplicity. Why not translate this endeavor into the language of space? The project answers this question by breaking down the original block, the typical house, into three autonomous volumes.

This volumetric fragmentation essentially allows the following three spatial advantages: 1. The creation of intersecting paths. 2. The possibility of exploring different visions of the field from its center. 3. The creation of a central patio, the heart of the project.

1. Tours


3. Central Courtyard

Passive conditioning strategies

One of the most critical challenges in this project was to protect the user from the drastic climate of the course: high temperatures in the summer, cold and windy nights. For this, specific strategies of passive conditioning were used. A double roof is proposed: the upper one, made of sheet metal, reduces thermal gains by forming a shield against solar radiation and shading the main roof and the exterior corridors. The heat accumulated in the space between covers is dissipated through cross ventilation. On the other hand, the lower roof, a concrete slab lightened with polystyrene blocks, serves as thermal insulation to regulate interior temperatures. 

double deck

211215_12 - Photo.jpg

Added to this is the flexibility of the volumes to open to the outside. The main volume has an open façade, completely folding, which is made up of four gates along its entire length, flanked by slender columns. When opened, these gates allow natural ventilation: the line between exterior and interior is blurred, the field becomes an extension of the home and fresh air enters.  







The project understands the material tradition of the area: Montemorelos, Nuevo León, is a place marked by the agricultural industry. The materials are exposed in their most essential version: wood, concrete, gravel, earth and steel.    

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