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Commercial Architecture

191028_CINCO05_CONCEPTO 223.png

The architectural design of Cinco Apodaca starts from a heat map that has a linear progression from the outside, passing through a free terrace area and a covered area, to the closed interior, which is the area with the highest level of silence. This progression dictates the coatings and finishes, and also serves as a catalyst for the flow into the premises. Inside, the ceiling light maintains the relationship between space and the human scale, and through its materials it provides warmth and a unique sensory experience.

Planta de Restaurante Cinco Apodaca.
Diagrama de calor de Restaurante Cinco Apodaca.
200413_CINCO_Photo - 2+PP.jpg
191028_CINCO05_CONCEPTO 219.png
191025_CINCO_Photo - 6+PP-srarojohombro-
200416_CINCO_Photo - 5+PP.jpg
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