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S. ecret R. oom

Residential Architecture


Ubicación: Monterrey, Nuevo León


Año: 2021


Área: 95 metros cuadrados

Vinyl on the record player. A brief silence before the music starts; it is a sensual, wandering trumpet, the one that already dances in the air. She is accompanied by a radiant voice. It's Ella Fitzgerald: Dream a little dream of me, dream a little dream of me… The bar in the background lights up, a floating black marble bar appears. The ice clinks, the whiskey falls like a copper waterfall. In the living room, the chair is soft: easy to sink into, lay your head down, close your eyes. And the music always follows its slow course: Dream a little dream of me, dream a little dream of me…    


S. ecret R. oom is, above all, the search for an atmosphere. This interior design project -which in turn is a music and stage project- uses light, texture and tone to create a space of delight. It invites the glass and the vinyl, to the quiet dance. The selection of lighting, with its punctual articulation of chiaroscuro, is key, since it encourages the use of the different areas in the project. The floating bar is solved with a set of mirrors that expand a section of the room. The wall where the television and record player are recharged is designed so that it is also wave or music; a wall that flows and slides. The selection of furniture, likewise, is committed to comfort; the tones are dark: grays and browns to contrast the intense yellows of the light. Wood, marble, velvet, glass. 

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